Compliance Manager Certification Program

Compliance is the most critical risk that Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) must manage in today's VET environment. Compliance has escalated from being an administrative activity to a management function that has an increasing effect on the RTO's strategic and operational decisions.

complianceCompliance Managers must understand and ensure their RTO's compliance with:

  • All components of the Vocational Education and Training Quality Framework
  • The Regulator's (ASQA, TAC, or VRQA) General Directions
  • Relevant Training Packages.

Depending on the RTO's scope of operations, the list of compliance requirements may also include:

  • The ESOS Act
  • Specific funding contracts with Federal or State government
  • Other industry specific licensing requirements.

To be successful in compliance, Managers need to be competent in:

  1. Business Planning and Management
  2. Training and Education
  3. Quality Standards.

Insources was established in 2004 and since then has grown to become a leader in VET Quality and Compliance, Talent Development and Training Evaluation. We have trained more than 20,000 individuals from more than 500 organisations including TAFE, private RTOs, Community Colleges, not-for-profit organisations, enterprise RTOs, CRICOS providers, dual sector providers and Government organisations.

onlineThe Compliance Manager Certification Program is the most comprehensive way to gain the skills, resources and knowledge to successfully manage RTO's compliance. This program includes nine modules organised in three clusters. The program is delivered online and learning resources can be accessed on a PC, Mac, a mobile or a table.

Each module includes videos, live webinars, learning materials, assessment activities and lots of opportunities to interact and receive feedback from our trainers.

Learners are required to successfully complete assessment activities to progress through the course. At the end of the program and additional to module assessments, learners are required to complete:

  • Two assessment validations
  • One internal audit, and
  • A portfolio with all evidence required for an RTO's re-registration application.

Once you have demonstrated competency in all facets of the Compliance Manager's role, you will receive the designation of Insources' Certified Compliance Manager.

The program takes between four and six months to complete. This duration can vary depending on learner's prior knowledge and time commitment.

Structure of Compliance Manager Certification Program

  • Cluster 1 - Business Planning and Management
  • Cluster 2 – Managing Training and Education
  • Cluster 3 – Managing Quality Standards
  • Module 1 - VET Regulations
  • Module 2 - Business Planning
  • Module 3 - Managing Continuous Improvement
  • Module 4 - Managing Training Products
  • Module 5 - Managing Trainers and Assessors
  • Module 6 - Managing Assessment Practices
  • Module 7 - Internal Audits
  • Module 8 - Managing RTO's Records
  • Module 9 - Manage Applications and Interaction with Regulators

What's included:

  • Access to interactive learning resources online
  • Live Webinars: Participate in a minimum of nine live webinars
  • Virtual Assistance: One-on-one support from your compliance consultant/trainer
  • Right to Use Insources' Materials in Your Organisation: You have the right to reproduce and use Insources' materials (policies, procedures, templates and tools) as you build capability to manage compliance.
  • Insources' Certified Compliance Manager: A unique sought-after credential.

Who Should Attend:

This training program is suitable for:

  • Current professionals working as compliance managers within an RTO that want to further develop their skills and knowledge in RTO compliance, and incorporate a consistent set of policies, procedures, templates and tools into their own toolbox; or
  • Individuals seeking work opportunities as compliance managers and need to gain the skills and knowledge required to manage RTO compliance, and start her/his own toolbox containing a consistent set of policies, procedures, templates and tools.
Duration: 1 year
Price: AU$3,500.00